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Beard Hair Transplant

Beard and Other Facial Hair Transplant

Most often the idea of hair transplant is believed as a method of curing or treating hair loss which has just occurred on the scalp. On the other hand, the advent of a new surgical hair restoration procedure, the facial hair transplant, today allows men to have his beard. A lot of men are not capable of growing their beards due to genetics or scarring. Once they became the recipient of the facial hair treatment, they will be capable of growing, molding as well as shaping their beard hair just as they desires. Those men who are interested in undertaking this kind of procedure, first and foremost they must speak to their primary care doctor or physician. They will be capable of referring to a skilled and experienced specialist.

It is very much essential to make sure that the physician or the surgeon who is doing this surgical beard hair restoration procedure is skilled and experienced, in order that they will give you with a natural looking appearance. Beard hair surgery can very successful and it will be best done by a surgeon who is an affiliate of International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. They will have a preliminary face to face consultation with the patient to know the area for which he or she (patient) would want the transplant.

This will involve a detailed assessment with yourself to know the number of the hair transplants you will want, and talk you through the process itself, the advantages as well as the restrictions. Beard hair transplant is expensive, an average of 5000 dollars and is extremely based on the amount of transplants required. The fact that it is considered a kind of cosmetic surgery, a lot of insurance agencies will not pay for it so you have to plan your budget carefully.

In many cases, the beard hair transplant can be done in just a matter of hours. A lot of patients could resume their normal and active lifestyles in 24 hours of the surgery being completed. The most common side effects of facial hair treatment take account of redness at the surgical site and some inflammation; on the other hand, a lot of men view these harmful effects as a small price to pay for the confidence which their new beard instills them. It is also essential that men maintain reasonable expectations for the outcomes from this procedure. It could often take 6 to 8 weeks before new and visible beard hairs growing on their own.

A facial hair transplant is without a doubt worth considering when your beard hair loss affects your confidence in any way, or you want to look manly and attract many girls out there. Man with beard look hot and hunk, which is loved by many girls. On the other hand for men who might not quite ready for this kind of procedure, you can visit sites out there for non-invasive treatment like hair restoration as an efficient alternative to transplant. However, transplant is proven to be effective and give instant results.

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