Bio FUE hair is the advanced version of transplant with some added modification to FUE technology. Here, growth factors are differentiated from blood with the help of some advanced methods and then they are re-injected into area considered for transplant. This technology is gaining huge popularity due to extremely good results that boost hair growth by great amount. If you wish to add strength to your already existing hair follicles then it is good to make use of Bio FUE technology. You will be glad to know that this technology is painless as it does not need to use stitching process hence it avoids the scars as observed in FUE transplant technology.

This technology is actually based on behavioral analysis of human germinative cells; this feature is very beneficial for re-construction of different body structures. Such cells are also useful in diagnosis of some diseases as like blindness, polio and cancer. The transplantation process is really very simple where cells are taken from certain specified portion of body and they are re-injected into the bald area over scalp so that dead cells in that area can be activated.

Best candidates for Hair transplant using Bio FUE Technology:

  • It is suitable for all those people who wish to wear shorter hair.
  • For those who wish to avoid the linear scars as developed by FUE.
  • Best suited to those who have limited scalp elasticity or donor supply.

Regenerative cells out of blood are infused on to other donor sites on body and they are allowed to make rapid healing. It promotes transected hair growth.

  • After execution of this first step, now the follicular units are bathed in person’s protein or growth factor so that cell death can be reduced. It also helps to boost yield of follicular unit transplant.
  • For those who wish to avoid the linear scars as developed by FUE.
  • Finally, all those enriched cells are injected over the transplanted area in order to promote rapid hair growth with faster healing. It also helps to maintain quality as well as aesthetic density of already existing and non transplanted hair.

Advantages of Bio-FUE hair Transplant:

  • It helps to make hair growth much thicker as compared to normal as well as FUE technology because it works for improvement over density.
  • It is well known for faster healing of recipient as well as donor areas.
  • You will be amazed to see faster hair growth after this transplant.
  • It provides more reduction of scar mark from donor area.

If you are suffering with too much hair fall then it may lead to reduction in your confidence level too while making you feel embarrassed among other people? Hairs are one of the major contributing factors towards our personality and looks but if they are suffering with poor health then it becomes difficult to present yourself with confidence. For those who really wish to get rid of hair fall and baldness troubles; it is good to try a new lifestyle with well grown hairs transplanted by using Bio-FUE technology.

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