Monthly Installment Plans to Pay for Hair Transplant Procedure (EMI Calculator)

The Hair that you’ve been wanting, or the new hairline of your dreams, may be more within your budget than you might think. Fill out our simple form to get a calculation of your EMI (equated monthly installments) for the cosmetic procedure that you’re interested in. When you purchase a new car or new home the principal and interest is generally paid via an installment plan. Payment for a life altering hair transplant procedure can work the same way, except instead of a new vehicle or new residence, you’ll gain a new body, or a drastically enhanced physical form.

You’ll experience a dramatic improvement in your self confidence following one of our procedures. It’s hard to put a price on that -- though, through our flexible payment plans, we’re helping to make the cost as manageable as possible. Many of our patients begin with the belief that a new hairline is not obtainable due to the cost of surgical hair transplant, or that a rejuvenated body is not attainable because the price for the procedure is too high.

Whether it’s a hair transplant, of course cosmetic surgical treatments come with costs, but you shouldn’t give up on the improvement you desire until you’ve fully considered all of your financial options. We have custom and flexible payment plans available which will give you the ability to pay for your treatment over an extended time period via manageable monthly payments.

At Kabera we don’t only seek to give the most expert advice regarding the best cosmetic improvement for your personal needs, we provide practical financial installment programs to pay for the procedure as well. If you’d prefer not to pay the cost of your procedure up front, or if it’s simply not practical for you to pay in a lump sum, we will work with you to figure out a reasonable payment plan that is especially configured to your needs -- we’ll take your budget and income into consideration to come up with a realistic monthly installment plan which you’ll be able to easily afford.

A new car or a new house? A new body can be even more valuable. Don’t hesitate to assess your financial needs with our EMI calculator today. Your perfect body starts with just a few entries in the form below. Just provide your name, email address, phone number, location, employment, and approximate yearly income, and we can figure out your payment options right away.


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