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Hair Loss Cause

Permanent Hair Loss Problems- Causes and Treatments

Hair loss generally affects people with ageing as the count of falling strands increase every day. On average people may lose up to 100 strands per day but it requires special attention if there is partial alopecia, thinning hairlines and retardation in the growth of new follicles etc. Before determining the best treatment option to deal with the complication, it is necessary to detect the actual in your case. Following are some common reasons that can lead to excessive hair fall.

Inadequate Nutrition

Like other organs in the body, the hair roots get nutrition from the associated blood vessels for proper growth and health. Lack of sufficient proteins, vitamin C and essential minerals such as Biotin, Iron, Niacin, and Zinc can cause retardation in the growth and development of the hairs.

Health Conditions and Heredity

Certain body ailments such as anemia, thyroid disorder, autoimmune complication like alopecia areata, and some infectious diseases can damage the hair growth process eventually lowering the existing number of hair strands. People with history of balding in the family are at greater risk of developing broader alopecia patches.

Hormonal Imbalances

The change in natural hormone secretion in the body during pregnancy. Many women lose large volumes of hairs during pregnancy and thereafter. Other hormonal changes after menopause, surgeries, and hysterectomy are also associated with hair problems

Medicines and Hair Styling Products

Some chemicals in strong medicines are not good for natural hair growth. Prolonged treatment and chemotherapy sessions kill the growing hair cells while damaging the hair follicles. Some ammonia based hair color products and gels can be harmful for the hair if applied over and again. menopause, surgeries, and hysterectomy are also associated with hair problems.

Hair Fall Treatments

The Hair Treatment processes advised to the patients will largely depend on the type of persistent hair loss problem. During the diagnosis of the scalp, the doctors are able to understand the condition of the scalp. In some cases, pathological tests may be required to reach a definite conclusion.

Temporary Hair Loss

Temporary hair loss at an early stage can be treated with some herbal oil message, therapeutic sessions, and medicines. Some medicines require direct application on the scalp. In certain cases, vitamin supplements are also prescribed for oral consumption.

Permanent Alopecia

Doctors suggest surgical options to patients where medicines or massage therapy do not give desired results. Today advanced hair transplant surgery like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is very convenient and less painful. Some traditional methods like strip excision are affordable options.

The hair loss problems can equally bother men and women with gradual ageing. However, some extreme cases of alopecia may arise due to other factors such as heredity, stress, childbirth, lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body, hormonal imbalances etc. Before suggesting the best hair restoration solution, the dermatologists conduct diagnosis of the case to come up with the most suitable alternative. Temporary hair fall can be treated with some medication or massage therapy. The doctors mainly suggest semi invasive surgical procedures such as FUE for permanent hair.

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