We all love our hairs and there is no one reason to do that. Since childhood they have stayed with you and you must have imagined them to be inseparable part of yours. But the times change and so do circumstances and gradually you start proceeding towards baldness! This is not something which is the problem of aged but these days even young men have become victim of this. With a downsizing economy it has become difficult for an average client to afford hair transplant cost in many parts of the country. This is why we have come up with innovative idea and assistance to help you in dealing with the cost of hair transplantation so that you can regain all what have you lost i.e., hair + confidence!

  • We basically help you in finding easy solution of all the major forefront questions such as-

    When: Is this the right time to go for hair Transplantation? What are the dependencies which should be catered before opting for one?

    Where: As a patient it is difficult to reach to the conclusion that from where you should get this done? Should it be a full-fledged hospital? Or even the clinic would go? What should be the experience and qualification and success stories of the doctor?

    What are the after effects: As a patient I would be eager to know that at what frequency my hair would re-grow! Will it be immediate or it may take some time? What are the things which I should avoid to care for transplanted hairs and so on!

    We help you in finding quick and reliable answer to all these questions by selecting a dependable expert who has performed many such operations and suits well into your budget.

  • We at Kabera Global help you in finding the hair transplantation offer which are not only the best but also cost effective. We understand that it is costly operation and can hit your savings and budget badly and therefore we combine various offers to make sure that it makes you happy both hair wise and budget wise. For instance if you are confused as to number of follicles then we would guide you about the various plans which can get you the desired follicles in less cost.

  • The options to make payment for hair transplantation are not only multiple but less burdensome too! Which hospital gives you an option to pay for it in EMI? Ummm.. Still thinking! We give you an option to pay via credit/debit card or we pay on your behalf as a part of patient financing and you can repay it to us in simple and affordable EMIs! You tell us how much EMI are you comfortable in paying and we would do the back calculation to extend the period so that it is simplified for you. Along with these our exciting offers relating to cash back, additional follicles in the same price or complementary consultation charges keep on popping from time to time!

    Where there is a will there is a way! If you were holding your transplantation plans just because of cost then the time has arrived to make it happen. Remember all those bob, spikes and ringlets kind of hairstyles that you loved? They are all going to be back!

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