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Male Pattern Baldness


It is also known as Androgenic Alopecia that is the most common type of hair loss observed in males. According to various researchers, more than 50% males face this problem after the age of 50 and the problem starts increasing with age.

One of the most prominent causes of this baldness is genetic problems or so called family history for baldness. Researchers have observed that the male pattern type baldness is actually associated with male sex hormones that are well known as androgens; these hormones are mainly responsible for regulation of hair growth in human body.

All the hairs present overhead have a certain life cycle but due to an effect of baldness, this cycle starts going weaker and the follicles start shrinking while producing finer as well as shorter hair strands. With increasing effect of baldness, one day the growth factor eventually dies and then there is no further hair growth in the area. There is no serious effect associated with inherited male pattern type baldness but sometimes it may lead to various serious issues as like anabolic steroids, thyroid conditions, medications and certain type of cancers.

There are so many treatments available for men hair fall problems and most of these posses very fine medical history. It is more important to observe health conditions of the patients before applying any kind of treatment.

Major risk is involved for:

Presently lost of teenagers are also suffering from hair loss problems and that is a really very serious issue. This problem usually increases with age and here genetics plays a major role for growth as well as the occurrence. Males who use to have so many close relatives with such type of problem may be at greater risk and this issue is found to be more serious if all those relatives belong to family's maternal side.

To overcome the baldness or hair loss problems men can choose different hair transplant technologies after consulting experts or doctors. Experts will provide you with better guidance and suggest suitable treatment according to your need after testing your blood samples. If you take wrong treatment then it may lead to so many troubles ahead as like depression, rash, breast tenderness, pain in testicles, itching, hives, painful ejaculation and many more.

Hair transplant is considered as the utmost favored solutions for baldness. In this technique, Hairs are taken away from the scalp area where the growth is active and implanted them to the area of baldness. But this type of treatment requires multiple treatments and some of these procedures also carry risk of infection as well as scarring. The biggest advantage of hair transplant is that it looks more natural and results are permanent. Going bald at an early age is really a big change and it is not acceptable for all; if you are really very conscious about your appearance and want to stay away from baldness then it is good to consult your doctor as soon as possible for appropriate treatment.

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